The diagnosis of sluggish schizophrenia for the first time in the global Internet, put me in the KGB 1986-87 year. (Time of Perestroika) The owner of this site Arutyunov Henry.


This document I stole from my court case in Nikulinsky Court of Moscow in 1999. 


To date, the FSS (KGB) refuses to recognize the fact of repression and 25 years refuses to rehabilitate me.


Since the autumn of 1985 Arutyunov participated in Gorbachev's Perestroika. Conducted propaganda among students. For example, in a room where students Kukolev Igor and Sutyagin Igor lived.

In 1987, my students Kukolev Igor and Oleg Litvinov created the first all-Union opposition party in the USSR.Which is called the

All-Union Social Political Club-USPK.


February 14, 2017                                                                                             Arutyunov Henry.


                        The diagnosis of sluggish schizophrenia:

 "He was engaged in self-education. On September 1, he began studies(at the Moscow State  University), persistently studied the works of Marx and Lenin, the political economy, began to analyze speeches of party leaders. He wrote letters to the Central Committee of the criticisms and disagreement with the party's policy. He was examined and sent to our hospital."

  "The diagnosis - schizophrenia sluggish, youthful variant (option)."